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At the Premier Agency Development Institute, we believe in the power of learning, development, and collaboration.


Welcome to a New Era of Professional Growth: Unleashing Potential, Unlocking Success

At the Premier Agency Development Institute, we're dedicated to empowering insurance professionals with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to excel. Our cutting-edge training programs are meticulously designed to foster industry leadership, personal growth, and a dynamic work culture. Our mission is to empower insurance professionals to reach their full potential and drive their agencies toward unprecedented success.

Our Programs & Certifications:

  1. Producer Development: Boost your production capabilities with our strategic methods and techniques.
  2. Account Manager Development: Learn how to manage and nurture your accounts for increased satisfaction and retention.
  3. Sales Leader Development: Elevate your leadership skills to inspire your team and accelerate sales.
  4. Commercial and Personal Lines Manager Development: Deep dive into strategies for managing your team and enhancing customer service.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion Training: Foster a diverse, inclusive work environment that welcomes and values all team members.
  6. Emotional Intelligence: Develop your emotional acuity to build better relationships and navigate workplace challenges.
  7. Many other training topics like:
  • Asking for Referrals
  • Cross Selling
  • Navigating a Hard Market
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Right People, Right Seats
  • KPI Development

The Community Portal: Learn, Grow, Build Together

Embark on your professional development journey with like-minded professionals. Our Community Portal offers a dynamic environment to collaborate, share ideas, and progress together. With access to live events, workshops, & training, a comprehensive library of recorded content, and self-paced learning modules, your development is in your hands.


Are you ready to elevate your career and propel your agency to new heights? Join us at Premier Agency Development Institute and be part of the future of insurance!

Why Choose Premier Agency Development Institute?

The Premier Agency Development Institute has been designed to address many of the key challenges faced by insurance agencies. Here are some of these challenges and how the institute can help:

  1. Employee Development and Retention: Many agencies struggle with employee turnover due to lack of training and development opportunities. Premier's comprehensive suite of development programs helps agencies invest in their employees, boosting morale, productivity, and retention.
  2. Sales Performance: Many agencies find it challenging to meet sales targets consistently. Premier's Sales Leader and Producer Development programs can provide agents with proven strategies and techniques to improve sales performance.
  3. Account Management: Client retention can be a challenge without effective account management. Premier's Account Manager Development program trains participants in strategies for managing and nurturing client relationships, leading to higher client satisfaction and retention.
  4. Leadership Skills: A lack of effective leadership can hinder the growth and success of an insurance agency. The leadership development programs at Premier help current and future leaders enhance their leadership skills, inspiring their teams and driving business success.
  5. Collaborative Learning Environment: Agencies often struggle to foster a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. Premier's Community Portal provides a dynamic environment where insurance professionals can learn, share ideas, and grow together, fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

By addressing these challenges, the Premier Agency Development Institute can help insurance agencies improve performance, increase competitiveness, and achieve business goals.

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